‘Forever friends,’ top our sweet stay

Post 27/2022 Friday 4 November . . . The summary of our stay in Seal Beach, California, could be stated in one word: “summery.” Still, it’s fall; the signs of autumn show on a continuum of temperatures between summer (average 73.5 degrees) and winter (57 degrees). Temperature this morning was 48; it warms up fast, by noon we should be able to have lunch out-of-doors.

It rained a bit a few nights ago (average annual rainfall in inches is 12.94). Wind has been strong, too. We’ve explored most of the town on foot, as well as neighboring Naples Island.

Saturday, we leave. Energized by a summery sweet stay, mindful of the blessing of forever friends, here, at home, and other places.

Sunsets have been “spectator-sport-worthy.”

Summary of our summery stay in Seal Beach

Ambulatory circumnavigation is BIG (it’s a walkable city–population about 25,000–on sidewalks, beach, pier and parks).

Old Town is BIG (in a compact way, it includes shops, boutiques, restaurants, library, hardware, bank, garden center, post office, historical pier. A grocery store, pharmacy and other businesses are a hop, skip and push button crossing away, crossing the Pacific Coast Highway).

Bikes are BIG (on street bike lanes and the San Gabriel Trail–30 miles to the San Gabriel Mountains).

The library is BIG (with an excellent selection of books to buy).

Cars are BIG (the usual lot, with more pricey ones, too; thankfully, almost all drivers are courteous, giving right of way to pedestrians. As have bicyclists when we crossed at a crosswalk).

Palms are BIG (ubiquitous and varied).

The beach is BIG (a sprawling ocean-front ribbon, with earthmovers building a sand bank against winter sea surges. The city’s elevation is 13 feet).

Dog-walking is BIG (brings a smile to my face)

Residential prices are BIG (there are only a few listings under one million dollars and a few between three and five million. Needless to say, I cannot live here, but I can say, “I had a very good–priceless–time here.”)

Landscaping is BIG (green, lush, low maintenance–some deceptively so).

Birthdays are BIG (rumor has it that I will soon enter the octogenarian decade). The wife of a British prime minister a long time ago sent this birthday note to long-time statesman and prime minister, William Gladstone: “It is impossible to believe that you will be eighty tomorrow, but I like to think of it, for it gives most people an opportunity of seeing how life should be lived without being spent.” Thank you, Margot Asquith.

Above all other BIGS, (noted in my previous blog), reigns the pleasure of visiting with long-time and new friends. Homeward bound, ahem, a bit fearful of stepping onto the bathroom scale, we’ll bask, in deep gratitude, in the realization that we could and did do this trip. Thank you, friends!

Meaning in life, past, present, future, has much–for me, everything–to do with loving God and loving others as we love ourselves. Who doesn’t have some way to go on that path? I do. I’m grateful to all pilgrims on the grand journey to live life as it should be lived.

Be big

Be good to yourself, happy, mindful, engrossed in your job, volunteer task, a book, cooking, a hobby, outreach, dependency, seeking, finding, blessing others. Be BIG!


6 thoughts on “‘Forever friends,’ top our sweet stay

    1. Thanks, Marlene. Travel home went well, though windy on landing and patchy as we took the Orange Line, walked to Milennium Station, took the South Shore to Gary Central, transferred to a bus to Michigan City, then took another South Shore train to South Bend. Gwen was a welcome sight, getting us home safe and sound. One of Linda’s friends got us to the Long Beach Airport for our early flight. Friends!


  1. John, I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and wonderful photography. LaJane Yoder has been forwarding them to me, and I look forward to receiving them. They are truly inspiring!


    1. Thank you, Kathy. Glad to hear. You can get the blog each time I post it by simply entering your email address in the upper right-hand area. Best!


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