Seal Beach cogitation

Post 26/2022 Saturday 29 October . . . Cogitating. Pacific time. I’m reflecting on our stay in Seal Beach, California. We’re celebrating with friends, recounting good times past and present. We’re also agonizing over the state of the country and world. We’re cooking, eating out, reading, walking, exploring the immediate area. We’re watching movies on Netflix; my favorite, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. Most centrally, we’re connecting with friends. We are not tempted by the lure of surfing, fishing, beach-sunning, or large group events.

Last evening, about 6:10, the sun slipped into the Pacific, casting off a wide band of red and underlighting a bank of clouds (a cruise shop partially blocks out the sun). Soon a crescent moon dominated the dark.

This morning I saw a shirtless jogger among the coat-clad walkers, some with dogs. Forecast says up to 70 degrees later on. Sunlit buildings on Catalina Island rise directly in the distance. A beautiful day is unfolding.

Sights on foot and from our balcony

It’s a nice place to be

We’re part of Oldtown Seal Beach. Seal Beach has a population of a bit more than 25,000. Huntington Beach to the south has almost 199,000 residents. Long Beach next door has almost 467,000 residents. The city of Los Angeles has 3.9 million people. Beach towns and coastal cities range all along the Pacific. We are delighted to be able to embrace the beauty, observe the culture, sample the foods and experience the southern California climate. As noted, our prime reason for being here is to connect with friends, old and new.

Most of the folks we’re meeting with are retired, but not all. Our conversation covers the waterfront of past experiences, health, friends and family, travels, losses, gains, gripes and gratitudes, climate, world situation, and, yes, politics.

To former presidents, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama, who stand tall in our esteem we apply this phrase, “The height on which he stands has not made him giddy.” Spoken by Lord Byron about Francis, Lord Jeffrey, founder and editor of Edinburgh Review. From Compliments, A treasury of tributes to friends and lovers, relatives and rivals. complied by Gertrude Buckman, illustrated by Fiona Almeleh, (The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Indianapolis/New York, 1980).

A meditative point

Our electronic communication capacities are fine and serve a good purpose. In-person exchange, though, takes the cake, pure and simple. We are grateful that we’re able to celebrate and commiserate together, punctuated with lots of laughter and a few tears.

Be well!


2 thoughts on “Seal Beach cogitation

  1. That sunset is spectacular. I can feel the sand beneath your feet. So nice to visit with friends. The fall leaves are speculation here too. Enjoying many walks in the forest with the crunch of leaves under my feet.


    1. So good to be here. Will be good to get home, too. No fall chores to do, just to get out in the crisp air. Oh, later this month to pu a Christmas tree. Best!


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