Bubble and Squeak #6

Post 32/2020 Saturday 10 October It’s time to refresh. Time to rename “Bubble and Squeak.” Time to cook up a new headline. Time to keep a sharp heads up on the pandemic bubble. Inevitably, we see signs of pandemic fatigue surfacing in many parts of the USA and the world. People are itching to find a way out of the abnormal world wide condition.

Throughout the US people are affected, either directly or indirectly, by wildfires, hurricanes, unemployment, food poverty, social upheaval. In the case of Covid-19, our main defense remains to wash hands, social distance, stay home when sick, wear a face covering. We do it for ourselves, others, frontline workers and, for me, a sign honoring those who have died from the coronavirus.

So my new sobriquet may not have the zing of “Bubble and Squeak,” but I hope it’s sufficiently expressive: “Stay-Go-Be-Do.” To wit: Stay. Make the most of being at or around home. Stay connected. Go. Proceed beyond home happily, wisely, safely. Let’s go! Be. Tend to your inner being. Be refreshed, renewed. Do. Carry out a task, exercise, start, finish. Just do it.

High school band visits campus

On Thursday evening the Goshen High School Marching Band entertained Greencroft residents, especially focusing on those who reside in assisted living and healthcare. How thoughtful. Soul stirring. Thank you!

Let’s go! River Preserve County Park

Along Goshen’s dam and mill race

Elkhart’s Wellfield Gardens

Downtown Elkhart’s revitalization

Good lunch out-of-doors at The Vine in Elkhart.
Spicy Frau Diablo. Yes!
Dam on the Elkhart River removed to allow for movement of fish and kayakers.
Paths run along both sides of the Elkhart River.


The Timbuktoo Restaurant, near Fremont, IN, offered a pleasant out-of-doors lunch experience as part of a backroads leaf-peeping drive.
Nasby Dam, near Howe, IN

Travel tip

On day or longer trips we mostly pay attention to out-of-doors activities–and the precautions taken by B&Bs or motels. We aim for weekday rather than weekend travel. We try to select walking areas with scant foot traffic. We are delighted to find restaurants where we can eat outside, often during off-hours. Sometimes it’s takeaway food. As the weather grows colder, we’ll likely spend more time at home’s hearth, while still booting up for bracing walks. A bit of travel does the soul (sole) good. Go, wise, happy, safe.


11 thoughts on “Bubble and Squeak #6

  1. It’s so wonderful to see the fall colours and just be outside. So much more beneficial than watching the news. Here’s hoping October will have seasonable temperatures so we can keep on walking!


  2. As always, John, i greatly enjoy your insights, especially since I still miss time in Indiana. Keep up the good work and you and Marty stay safe


  3. Hi John,

    It must have been fun watching the Marching Band go up and down your streets! Good to see that you are getting back into your routine with daily walks. Many of your paths are ones we have walked with you. Enjoy these remaining days of mild weather and colorful leaves!

    Monty & Ginger

    May the God of Wonder be with you, delighting you with the beauty of sunrise and the majesty of sunset, with the song of the bird and the fragrance of the flower.



    1. Mild weather and colorful leaves are still with us, even as the temperature dips. Glad for the whiff of freshness in the air as we walk about. You’ll soon be up and running your favorite paths again, too. Best!


  4. Your new title is the succinct mantra I want to practice daily during these times. Thank you. And your photos beautifully illustrate both ‘stay’ and ‘go.’ We have wonders to see near at hand.


    1. Wonders are at hand, indeed. They’re wonders you see on your regular walks, peering up and down your street, and on Zoom. Thanks for your affirmation of my new title. It’s aimed at creating some bubble vibe.


    1. Strange time, indeed. I’m learning to love some strangeness, the kind that points to “goodness gracious sakes alive, a coming surprise.”


    1. Ah Stanley, the memories. Several books worth they are. I’m glad I can carry a couple books worth in my head and in my heart. Leaves my hands free to hoist a pint. Best!


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