Bubble and Squeak #5

Post 31/2020 Thursday 1 October “You paint a big picture of Michigan,” my late friend Ray Schlegel once told me. The comment surprised me, yet on reflection I saw his point. Michigan has weighed heavily in our travels. As it has this week. We took our “home bubble” on a fall color/walking visit to west coast Michigan, spending almost a week in a self-catering flat in the town of Frankfort on Lake Michigan.

The best way to share the experience is via photos. We did extensive walks, ate lunches out, maintained safe protocols, and though we had our rain coats at the ready, the rains came at night. Lovely, such a lovely time we’re having, home away from home.

The Cherry Hut Restaurant in Beulah lives up to its name.

A step back in time

The photo comes from the Empire Bluff Trail in Sleeping Bear Dunes. I quote from the self-guided hike flyer. “These glacial soils are quite sandy and not very fertile for farming. However, certain crops, including hay can be grown here successfully. The McCormick Deering No. 7 mowing machine was manufactured sometime between 1929 and 1940. This horsedrawn mower cuts a swath about five feet wide. The enclosed gearbox, a significant improvement over earlier models, allowed for efficient gear lubrication, prevented hay from getting tangled in the gears and provided safer operations for man and animal. With the development of modern farm equipment, many pieces of old machinery such as this one were abandoned in the fields. A number of old farms are scattered throughout the park and help preserve the flavor of another era.”

Mary Margaret Johnson Trail

Frankfort Pier and Lighthouse

Various trails


Michigan does one proud.


12 thoughts on “Bubble and Squeak #5

  1. I would love to transport myself to that swing near the water. You can’t leave the states for the time being but nearby Michigan has lots to offer according to the pictures.


  2. These trips entice us to explore in your footsteps… years after reading a post on Cowles Bog we finally made it there! Got a bit turned around on the trails and did some extra dune climbing, staggering a bit when we finally made it out, but managed to recover on Brewster’s dining patio. : )


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