Making memories, remembering

Cogitation 28/206 Saturday 13 July 2019 Activities of this week, thoughts of a year ago.

A walkabout in Goshen, Indiana

Blooming in New Hamburg, Stratford & Cambridge Ontario

Lunch in Paris

Paris, where the Nith River meets the Grand River, where cafes overlook the water, where gypsum mined from the river bed ended up in buildings around the world as plaster of Paris, and where beauty is in both the eye and taste of the beholder. One sign in this shop said, “I’d give up chocolate but I’m not a quitter.”
It was almost too hot for comfort, yet a good time was had by all on the rooftop of a cafe in Paris. Marty and I were delighted to share an afternoon with sister-in-law Vivian Bender (left, foreground), and friend Marianne Schlegel,

Repeat of the tractor parade

A year ago we drove tractors–in memory of brother Brian Bender–to breakfast sponsored by the Cassel Mennonite Church. (See archival blog for July 21, 2018 for more details.)

Today some of us again processed to church on tractors for breakfast, others biked and drove. In the afternoon we gathered to celebrate July birthdays, remembering, too, the life of Brian, whose birthday came in July.


Niece Rachel takes a picture of brother Will, two of the people whose birthdays we celebrated today.

Conversation under the walnut tree.
Brother Sandy and sister-in-law Joy in their “toy” Chevy truck.



One thought on “Making memories, remembering

  1. Hello John & Marty,

    We will be in Shipshewana the morning of Friday, August 2. Would you be free that afternoon for us to come visit you in Goshen and have an early dinner somewhere together? We would be driving back to Grand Rapids that evening.

    Monty & Ginger



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