Let’s underscore our journey together

Cogitation 27/205 Saturday 6 July 2019 Yesterday morning I made a cup of coffee and took it out on the deck. A mourning dove cooed in the distance. A robin sang. A fisherman sat on a pontoon across the lake, stillness and calm held sway in the early morning sunshine.

In due time a speedboat sounded its approach, skier in tow. From the east, at a house under construction, came the staccato bursts of a powernailer. I drained the last cold swallows from my cup and joined the others, now awake.

We were spending some days over the 4th with Mary and Gerald Miller at their cottage on Oliver Lake–having fun, fixing food, talking temperature and other incidentals and essentials.

For lunch on Thursday we had lettuce salad (with tasty tomatoes grown in a nearby Amish greenhouse), potato salad, grilled pork burgers, and cherries, mango and cookies. A light meal in the evening included strawberries and ice cream. We listened to live music a few doors away, and at dusk watched the fireworks that started popping around the lake, with the main event to come at 22:10.

July 4

Numerous individuals around the lake shot off a visual and sound display. The most notable display, though, was orchestrated by a family who annually create a special show–with some financial assistance from other lake residents. Thanks to that family, we witnessed an extraordinary display launched from a pontoon across the lake. The show, along with others on the lake, in surrounding communities, and across the nation, melded into a spectacular tribute to freedom, unity, and common purpose.

By contrast, what took place under the auspices of the President of the United States on the Mall in Washington, D.C., failed the test of the day. To commandeer a public event to make a speech and spectacle of might and right, in my books, did nothing to promote national unity. So be it.

We ended the day watching the televised Macy’s amazing extravaganza of fireworks and music in New York City.

Whatever the causes, and developments since, for the formation of the United States of America, it is fitting to note that on July 4 in 1776 the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress, representing the then 13 colonies.

Journey through the week

Sunday, 30 June

After church we had a nice lunch at The Jaywalker Restaurant and Pub on the St. Joseph River at Mottville, Michigan.

Monday, 1 July

Tuesday, 2nd

From our early morning walk on the Greencroft campus. Juniper Place is one of the campus housing options.

Wednesday, 3rd

An Amish couple on bikes passing through Honeyville in LaGrange County. We were on a country drive with Audrey Metz and Ken Seitz, friends from Harrisonburg, Virginia.
Home to laying hens, one of many such operations owned by Amish in LaGrange County, Indiana.
One of the better looking fields of corn for early July.

Thursday, 4th

The suns reflection on the Miller’s dock called for sunglasses–and iced tea.
Ready for the 10:10pm fireworks.

Friday, 5th

Mama, mama, what’s to eat?
Have no fear, younguns, stay put while I go foraging for you as fast as I can.

Saturday, 6th

A robin observes the Saturday world from a perch on a tree with some dead leaves on the Greencroft campus.
Green thumb neighbor.

Some thoughts on our journey together

I’m for a society that:

  • Cherishes its young, one that refuses to sacrifice its children to short-term gain.
  • Promotes educational, social, employment, spiritual, and leisure opportunities for youth.
  • Fosters civic well-being whereby communities thrive within and beyond their borders.
  • Opens new fields for food producers.
  • Embraces the needs of the poor, the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, aliens, strangers, immigrants.
  • Loves its elders to bits, even allowing for the cranky ones, caring for the dependent ones, valuing all.
  • Remembers its forbears, their dreams, sacrifices, best efforts, mistakes, successes, the legacy they left for us to carry on.

We journey together, past, present, future.


4 thoughts on “Let’s underscore our journey together

  1. It’s summertime! As depicted in your writings and pictures. I’ve enjoyed Baltimore Orioles in my bird bath and the sounds of the various other birds chirping away. Just came back from the market and will enjoy the fresh vegetables and strawberries, maybe over ice cream too. All that’s missing is the setting; wish it was overlooking water too. Time to slow down and enjoy all that summer has to offer.


    1. I may have taken a picture of a Baltimore Oriole at Fernwood (19 July post). It’s only a partial view, but at least it’s that much. Enjoy these summer visitors.


  2. Hello John & Marty,

    Happy Canada Day! Thanks for all the photos and your vision of a better Nation and World. Trump certainly didn’t bring us together but the thousands of celebrations on a local level all around the country did! We joined friends at a nearby lake to watch the fireworks and had a very pleasant evening. The high heat and humidity broke overnight so I opened up all the windows early this morning and we are enjoying the fresh, cool air coming into the house. I imagine you have noticed the difference too.

    Sunday blessings!

    Monty & Ginger



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