‘Nuff said

Featured image: One of the pumpkin displays in Wellfield Botanic Gardens, Elkhart, Indiana.

Cogitation 32 Friday October 19 2018  For all I’d like to say, good or bad, I’ll limit this blog to mostly photos, including the brilliant medieval-themed wedding of Kyle and Kara Castle last Saturday, ending with a quote from Emily Bronte.

Like the Danes, I call on the mantra, “Silence is golden, speech is silver.”

One sting. No more. No ill effects for me.
A taste for wood. An instinct for building a home. But no building permit; what’s a beaver to do?
Path along the Elkhart River, looking across to where an apartment building is rising along Elkhart Avenue.


Wellfield Botanic Gardens

Pleasant minutes among the acorns in Wellfield Botanic Gardens on Thursday.


Island Park (left) scenes


A medieval wedding to beat the band

Yes, Marty and I dressed the part.
Marty poses with Kara and Kyle Castle after brunch on Sunday. The newlyweds are creative, active in drama, musically talented, community-connected, a brilliant couple. Best wishes!


To imagination

“When weary with the long day’s care,

And earthly change from pain to pain,

And lost, and ready to despair,

Thy kind voice calls me back again;

Oh, my true friend! I am not lone,

While then canst speak with such a tone!”

Emily Bronte, writing as “Ellis Bell” in :Poems, 1846, first stanza; from the playbill of the play, Bronte: The World Without. We saw the show at the Stratford Festival of Canada two weeks ago.


One thought on “‘Nuff said

  1. Thanks, John. You and Marty looked good in your Medieval dress! It must have been a fun wedding.




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