THANKS giving

Featured image: A cake fit for angels, and it’s gluten-free.

Cogitation 31 Saturday 13 October 2018   We observed Thanksgiving in
Canada. Thanksgiving falls on the second Monday of October.

Over the course of four days we had three Thanksgiving meals; one hosted by Sandy and Joy, the second by Mark and Christa.

On Thanksgiving Day, 8 October, we spent the day with sister-in-law Vivian and her children and families. We missed and remembered well Brian, husband, father, grandfather, sibling, and friend, who died in July.

Pumpkin soup and pretzels and more at the home of Mark and Christa.


Thanksgiving Day

Allan Harder grills marinated chicken on Thanksgiving Day.


On the road to Xenia

We spent several days travelling through upper New York State, Allegheny National Forest in a region called Wild Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Our destination was Xenia, Ohio, to attend the wedding of great nephew Kyle and Kara.

Shots en route

Crossing upper New York State.
Kinzua Bridge State Park near Lantz Corners, PA, with a rail trestle higher than the Eiffel Tower.
Half of the rail trestle has ben restored,




Onward to Xenia, Ohio

We’re in Xenia to attend a wedding today. it’s a wedding for the ages, a Renaissance theme in fact. Looking forward to this new experience.

I sign off with photos from backroads we took yesterday on our way to Bellbrook, near Xenia.


I had pumpkin soup for lunch yesterday at Ben & Joy’s in this village, Mt Sterling, south of Columbus , even though the buffet looked inviting. I’m thankful for many things, including safely finding our way here. And for family and friends, new experiences, milestones.




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