Recapture the glow?

Featured image: A cozy fire outside our cabin in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Cogitation 38 Saturday 22 September 2018   As i look back over my week and the week before that, can I recapture the glow?

Recapture it, that is, before whooshing all-too-madly on. A week ago we were winding up the last days of a week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (last week’s journal). That trip was truly a slow-down-the-pace kind of refreshment, one that helped moderate this week’s more pressing responsibilities.

In the midst of good times my thoughts continue to be with those who have received the brunt and aftermath of Hurricane Florence, as with the responders.  May all find fitting neighborly, community and government help, new inner resources, and hope beyond the devastation, God be close.

So what afterglow do photos and a few captions show? Click, click.


Photos from a Wednesday morning walk

Cascading beauty of late summer, tumbling into the first day of Fall today.


From our stay in Michigan’s U.P.

We enjoyed one of our best meals at the Cobblestone Bar and Grill in McMillan, a hamlet in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. All five of us raved about our food: grouper, oriental salad, burger. it’s the only business left, besides the Post Office, in this tiny community along Highway 28. The food, cozy setting, and friendly reception auger for a return.
One of the walls of the cozy Cobblestone Bar and Grill.
Yes, the windmill sits on top of the shed. Talk about piggyback.


What’s the news?

On Friday i picked up a copy of Fort Wayne’s daily, The journal Gazette, published on  Wednesday. It was the last copy in the newspaper box in Orland in Steuben County. Still surprisingly newsworthy.  The lead headline was,”Diocese releases list of accused,” Others: “Banks critical of tariff moves,” ” N. Carolina rivers still swell as Florence death toll reaches 33,” “Hacking attempt troubles Lutheran [hospital].”

Inside I found interesting opinion pieces, letters, and more news and features. I got my dollar’s worth.


Dark sky

Let the stars be revealed to the naked eye. Capture and recapture wonders of the night.



I approve this message

One thing is obvious: I can’t stop time. I can move with it, just as summer turns to autumn. I can imagine the glow of the past without pining for it. I can look to the good and the bad of the past with gratitude for where I am today. I can face a new day and season with anticipation, knowing there’s more than enough grace and goodness and blessing and peace to go around. I can extend my heart and hand and goodwill to others. Amen.

Past, present, future, live it now.




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