For the children

Cogitation 35  Saturday 1 September 2018   We visited the new Children’s Garden at The Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart. We did everything but crawl through the tunnel.

It’s a go-to place for people of all ages. Go children of every age!


Mishawaka-Shiojiri Children’s Sculpture

Earlier in the week we visited the Japanese Garden in Mishawaka on our way to taking a friend to the South Shore train in South Bend for his return trip to Chicago.

The garden was dedicated in 1993. It contains one sculpture, inscribed with the words of Mahatma Gandhi: “IF WE ARE TO HAVE PEACE, IT MUST BEGIN WITH THE CHILDREN.”


Family time

We were delighted to have sister-in-law Vivian Bender, her daughter Amy and grandchildren Selah and Joel Harder visit the latter part of the week. What a delight, to use that word twice.

We passed the time in conversation and laughter into the night, in walks, at meals, and all-around catching up, including stories of Brian who passed away in July.


So it’s September

Just yesterday it was August. Just before that July. June. May. The months just go galloping away. Just, what else is new?

This week I read that the European Union did a consultation in which 84 percent of 4.6 million EU respondents favored ending the change of clocks each spring and fall.

Right now clocks in the EU are switched back to winter time on the last Sunday of October and spring forward on the last Sunday of March. The 28-member nations are on three European time zones: Western, Central and Eastern.

Of course, for such a move to become law would require support from each of the national governments. Who has the time for that time-consuming, time-worn, time-weary issue?

I agree, there’s a timely argument to be made for no clock change. Let there be a unified EU time regime, for instance, to have winter daylight in Scotland before 10am, peace in our time, more time with family and friends.


Time for a few more photos?

At breakfast this morning Amy said, “Did you know that according to the Bible men should make the coffee?” I had just poured second cups. Amy answered our puzzlement: “He*brews.”

Happy Labor Day.






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