What’s in a week

Interactions with family and friends filled the first week of December, including a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s home in Chicago (Oak Park) and a tromp around the Christkindlemarket in Daly Plaza. Love those potato pancakes. Travel by South Shore train sure makes the excursion less frantic.

At home we cut and decorated a Christmas tree; Marty baked cookies; we prepared a meal for a relative; I suffered a sore throat (sorry, I’ll spare you details); helped get a history of our church presentation ready for Sunday; and one day, sometime during three hours, we got four inches of water in the basement. The plumber pronto put in a new water heater and all is back to normal.

Cornish artist Walter Langley captioned an 1882 painting of an elderly woman, “Time moveth not, our being ’tis that moves.” A happy, healthy, humor-filled move into the new year for you and all who are dear to you!


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