Notes of thanks

From a walk on the Greencroft Goshen campus.From a walk through the Goshen College campus. Sandhill cranes on Perrin lake, Michigan. Spotted from a boat ride at the home of John and Jan Schwartz a week ago. Cogitation 35/212 Saturday 31 August 2019 Three notes of thanks surface this week. One. Celebration with friends We … Continue reading Notes of thanks


Rain and wind swept across Oliver Lake Sunday evening a week ago, seen from Mary and Gerald's cottage. Cogitation 34/211 Saturday 24 August 2019 Last weekend the power of nature delighted me with deep thundering chords and stormy deluge. Within days parched grasses turned green again. One of the green areas on the Greencroft Goshen … Continue reading Power

Treasured taste of a Danish . . . cucumber salad

The cherry tomato plants in a container at our front door are bearing fruit . . . and wonder, occasioning gratitude. Cogitation 33/210 Saturday 17 August 2019 My bedtime reading this week included a couple cookbooks--a respite from history, mystery, biography, travel, and climate. One of the books is a small 78-page volume, Danish Cookery … Continue reading Treasured taste of a Danish . . . cucumber salad

Fair fall you

Cogitation 30/208 Saturday 27 July 2019 This morning we walked in warming weather to breakfast at Goshen Family Restaurant on the outskirts of town--four miles round-trip. What's nice about this destination is that we can walk there on the Winona Railway Trail. The trail runs alongside still-in-use train tracks but stays away from street traffic. … Continue reading Fair fall you