Cogitation 20 Friday 15 May 2020 Reasons to wear a mask in public during the coronavirus pandemic, include: to show solidarity with frontline workers, to protect others if you are infected but have not yet developed symptoms, to protect yourself to some degree, to honor those heroes who have died in the line of duty, … Continue reading Mask-to-mask


Cogitation 16 Friday 17 April 2020 Many kitchens are getting a workout during this time when life centers on staying at home, working from home, only going out for essential travel or getting groceries and medications, and safe-distance exercising--all for our own health and the health of others as we join virtual hands around the … Continue reading GoBAKEnCOOK


Cogitation 14 Friday 3 April 2020 By definition, waiting means staying in one place in expectation of something. What Marty and I have been waiting for is about to happen. We're booked to travel from the UK to the US on Sunday and Monday, April 5 and 6. In hope and prayer, we await travel … Continue reading Waiting