A legacy of houses fires the imagination

Post 15/2023 Cornwall UK Saturday 29 April . . . Welcome to a brief glimpse of two National Trust houses: Lanhydrock in Cornwall and Castle Drogo in Devon. Friends took us to visit these two country homes this week. Lanhydrock was completed in 1651, rebuilt after a fire in 1881 destroyed part of the building. The estate was gifted to the National Trust in 1975.

Castle Drogo was built between 1910 and 1930. From the visitor guide: The castle was inspired by the rugged Dartmoor tors that surround it and was shaped and chiselled by hand out of local granite. Despite its grand appearance the inside of the castle was a comfortable family home, complete with the latest technology of its day.”

Walks in the gardens at both places brought home the joy and calm of beauty, quiet, more all-encompassing birdsong, running water, freshness, reflection,

These magnificent physical places remain as places in the imagination. We’ve visited both before; this time again intrigued by the engaging tales of history. We are creatures of our times, creation caretakers (and spoilers), heirs with humble hopes to leave the world a better place for this and future generations.

Lanhydrock (left) Castle Drogo (right)

Lanhydrock, Victorian country home, County Cornwall

Castle Drogo, County Devon

Part of the garden.

Home again

This cluster of trees in Devon just before entering Cornwall are referred to as “Almost home,” and/or “Nearly there.” The corresponding phrase for us at home in Indiana is the song, “Home again in Indiana.”

Happy days of warming Spring


2 thoughts on “A legacy of houses fires the imagination

  1. Happy spring, John & Marty! It won’t be long before you will be singing, “Back home again in Indiana!”

    Monty & Ginger


    1. Indeed, our time runs on. Reminded of the phrase concerning tide and time stop for no one. Time to get together.


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