Post 12/2023 Cornwall UK Sunday 9 April . . . Holy Week for many among the Christian faiths ended with today’s celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. I take to heart that in Jesus’ death and resurrection death has been defeated and salvation has come. With 21 other people, Marty and I gathered at 6am for an Easter Sunrise Service on Carbis Bay beach.

Rev Etienne opened with these words: “Blessed are you, Lord of all creation, to you be glory and praise for ever. Your steadfast love extends to the heavens and your faithfulness never ceases. Illuminate our hearts with your wisdom and strengthen our lives with your word, for you are the fountain of life, in your light we see true light.”

Sunrise on Easterday 2023 viewed from Carbis Bay beach..

Concurrent celebrations

Today was the high point of the year for many Christians. As so happens, 2023 is also the year where converge celebrations among the three Abrahamic religions.

On the Islamic calendar, Ramadan began on 23 March.

On the Jewish calendar, the seven-day festival of Passover began the evening of April 5.

For Eastern Orthodox Christians, Easter takes place on April 16.

There are also non-observing religious groups. I’m aware that Quakers, for instance, seek to experience God directly within themselves and in their relationships with others and the world around them. One source states: “Quakerism is a way of life, rather than a set of beliefs. It has roots in Christianity and many Quakers find the life and teachings of Jesus inspirational, but we have no creed.”

Holy Week is paralleled by a secular counterpart, Holiday Week(s) (Spring Break in North America).

Doings and beings from last week

Walks, Holy Week observances, and reading (news, novels, nonfiction) were our main doings and beings of the week.

On Monday, Steve and Marilyn Bowden kindly took us along for a walk and lunch at Trengwainton Garden near Penzance. Lovely. I wish I could show more pictures.

Thursday afternoon we walked from the train station in Truro into the nearby countryside along the Kenwyn River. Maundy Thursday evening service at St Anta was a blessing of word, song and silence.

Saturday, a pleasurable walk to breakfast, again, mostly through countryside. Oh, the cottage pie I made this week turned out right tasty. I am grateful for the memories we carry from our multiple times in Cornwall and new experiences that are memories in the making. I’m grateful for the friends we’ve made here and for the friends and family who have visited us here. Peace!

Happy Easter!


5 thoughts on “Easterday

  1. What a memorable experience Easter sunrise service must have been! Your photo of the gorgeous setting and the opening prayers of the Rev. Etienne will solidify my second-hand memory of it. I enjoyed our own Easter service with the choir (I was singing with other members.) Afterward Lisa and David and their families joined me for Easter dinner at Dock Woods. Three of seven grandchildren were unable to join us except through texts from Florida. It was a meaningful day, nonetheless.

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  2. Happy belated Easter. Lots of activities going on in your part of the world. Always enjoy the pictures. Here too we had lovely weather and warm weather is finally forecast for this week.


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