Fall shows up

Post 24/2022 Monday 26 September . . . Summer’s gone, fall’s here. Nothing’s as slow as my getting up to speed. Whoosh! the weeks have gone. Weeks filled with some hurry and scurry, but pleasures galore. We spent a week in Michgian’s Upper Peninsula with Marty’s siblings, except for sister Doris whom we visited in Healthcare. We were hosted at birthday celebrations, took in shows at The Stratford Festival of Canada, and watched the six hours of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

We attended the Friday night opening of the Michiana Relief Sale last week and delighted in entertaining cousins and their spouses from Idaho.

Life flows on. Look back. Look up. Look ahead. Look.

I’m sharing a few photos, leaving the heavier stuff for another day. If I err on the side of featuring food, it’s done in the best of company.

It’s a truly tasty Pasty in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula where Cornish miners emigrated when the mines in Cornwall closed. The only thing missing is the rutabaga, either because it wasn’t readily available, or customers are that keen on it. I missed it, though the crust and other contents of beef, potato and carrot proved right on to Cornish standards.
Jan and John Schwartz hosted a family gathering in honor of Marty’s birthday. Pictured are Lynnette and Sandy and Marty. It was a super celebration, including sloppy joes, cake and homemade ice cream. Smiles and cheers all around.
Niece Amy, next to her husband, Alan, her mother Vivian and sister Rachel, pose for a photo after Amy’s team won a qualifying race in the Stratford Rotary Dragon Boat Festival. Their Breast Cancer Survivor’s Team went on to take first place in their division. Bravo, Amy, team, family, friends!
Surprise! John’s siblings and friends gathered for a birthday party at the home of Mark and Christa. We enjoyed a guest chef’s fixings of food and were surprised when cousins and friends showed up later in the afternoon. Truly surprised. Sister Kaye and brother Mark collaborated to invite 80 people to the afternoon party, while the rest guarded the secret. Almost 50 people were able to come. We should party more often. Thank you all!
Cousin Ann, on the left, her husband David to the left of Marty, cousin Elizabeth, her husband Jim, to the right of Marty. We enjoyed a breakfast of tasty food and rich sharing, reaching almost to noon. The couples were in town for a high school reunion, which included a gathering to pay tribute to teachers whose influence endures. Even though the breakfast did not include all of these ingredients, I used this favorite grace: “For bacon, eggs and buttered toast, praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.”



6 thoughts on “Fall shows up

  1. So sorry we missed your birthday party, John and Marty! Wishing you both a wonderful, happy, healthy year ahead! Happy belated birthdays! 🎂🎉🥂

    Sent from my iPad



  2. What better gift is there than sharing delicious food with friends and family, memories and rich conversations? So important to cherish these moments.


  3. To gather without masks and host, praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost! Looking forward to seeing you in October!

    Monty & Ginger


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