Cornwall ahead

Post 7/2022 Saturday 12 February . . . Are we there yet? Physically, no. Imaginatively, yes. The Lord willing, I’ll be posting next week’s blog from St Ives/Carbis Bay, County Cornwall, UK (also known as the Duchy of Cornwall, after the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall, currently Prince Charles and Camilla). We eagerly anticipate our 11th winter/spring stay in southwestern England.

Last rays of sun over a field near Goshen, Friday 11 February.

Cornwall’s population and size almost matches that of three adjoining northern Indiana counties: Elkhart, St Joseph and Kosciusko. Cornwall: 566,000 population, 880,400 acres; the three Indiana counties: 557,700 population, 950,000 acres. Guess which area has the most footpaths?

Cornwall has 2,216 miles (3,567 km) of public footpaths. I did not compile the same for the three Indiana counties, though I’m happy for every trail that does exist here and for the promise of more.

Cornwall photos from 2018

Snowdrops on the hill near Porthminster Cafe, St Ives.

: May It Be So

If we were surfers, we’d go to Cornwall.

If we were artists, we’d go to Cornwall.

If we were chefs, we’d go to Cornwall.

If we were football fans, we’d go to Cornwall.

If we were twitchers, detectorists, potters, musicians, linguists, horticulturists, we’d go to Cornwall.  

If we had family there, we’d surely go to Cornwall. 

We go to Cornwall because there we have friends; coastal and inland paths to walk; prehistory, history, and the present to explore; a church family with whom to engage; good food and drink; sea air; daffodils; library; public transportation; Evensong at Truro Cathedral; National Trust and English Heritage properties; Areas of Outstanding Beauty; and above all, a sense of home from home.

Happy St Valentine’s Day!

Sister-in-law Doris shared one of her treats from a gift bag from her church family. Baked, shared and devoured with love. Happy St Valentine’s Day!


6 thoughts on “Cornwall ahead

  1. we continue to have such good memories of our time with you in Cornwall. I think it was your last full season there. Safe travels. So glad you can do this again!


  2. Hello, John!

    God speed on your journey to Cornwall! May you have many good walks on the many footpaths.


    May the God of Wonder be with you, delighting you with the beauty of sunrise and the majesty of sunset, with the song of the bird and the fragrance of the flower. —Maxine Shonk, OP



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