Uncle Orie’s secret

Post 40/2021 Thursday 30 September . . . Uncle Orie made a successful livelihood from a variety of solo business endeavors. I believe his longest product and service line was in fire protection. He was focused on customer service, on helping a prospective client see the value of the exchange.

“I don’t sell fire extinguishers,” he once said. “I sell safety.” That’s it. Safety, protection, peace of mind for individuals and families, and the greater community.

Uncle Orie once asked me, “Can you keep a secret?” I said, “Yes, for sure.” Mischievously, matter-of-factly, he replied, “So can I.”

Thankfully, the secret to one’s success has been out of the bag for ages: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Safety, care for others and self, stewardship of the environment–these are worthy of everyone’s endeavor.

Fast forward to the vaccines for Covid 19. Those shots are safeguards for individuals, families, and people all around the world. Getting vaccinated promotes safety, protection, easier breathing, greater freedoms.

Once upon a time we entered a safer world when seat belts and infant and young child seats became mandatory, when shields for farm and industrial equipment came into being, when air and water safety standards were set, when vaccines for a host of other viruses were discovered. So be it for the fuller adoption of vaccines and health safety practices that protect against Covid 19 and its variants.

I think Albert Schweitzer’s mantra, “Reverence for Life,” applies to how we can help others and ourselves during this still-with-us pandemic. That’s no secret.

Scenes from LaGrange and Noble Counties

A bee flew by to claim a sweet morsel of our al fresco dinner at Coody Browns.

Reuniting with friends

Ginger and Monty spent a night and day with us. We walked to see the exhibit of Mennonite and Amish art from the permanent collection of the Mennonite Historical Library (on display from March 21-November 14, 2021 in the Goshen College Library Gallery). We took in the Wellfield Botanical Gardens in Elkhart. And, as needs little saying, we enjoyed meals in and out. Super nice to catch up face-to-face.

May October reveal more of the manifold secrets of nature and, come to think of it, more frivolity.


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