Are we there yet?

Post 27/2021 Saturday 26 June . . . There’s no surefire certainty that we’re getting close to the end of the global battle with SARS-COV-2 and its variants. Thankfully, everyone who has access to a vaccine and gets it plays a key part in helping to put the boot to the pandemic. We strengthen our case when we act in concert with each other, but and regress when we brush off this deadly disease as inconsequential to oneself and those close to one, pity everyone else.

Lest I get into a rant about rage, as in vaccine rage, road rage, street rage, air rage, customer rage, mask rage, election rage, and any other rage du jour, I’ll stop right there and say that today rather than moan and groan about life’s ills, without and within, I’m aiming to increase the intensity of light, pleasantness, cooperation, helpfulness, commiseration, even laughter as we bound along to “there.”

For starters I quote a recipe, Strawberries and Cream (Jordboer med Flode), from Danish Cookery by Susanne (Andr. Fred. Host & Son, Booksellers to H. M. The King, 1950, 1965).

Ingredients: strawberries, sugar, cream.

“In Denmark we eat our strawberries in deep dishes (like soup plates), we sprinkle the whole berries with sugar and pour cream over them. Whether or not you find this strange depends on your nationality–it always amazes both the French and the Swiss.”

That’s it. We’re there! A sumptuous and easy a la Danish dessert.

I could make a variety of excuses for the strawberry pie I baked (see recipe in last weeks blog). I’ll just say I used a hand blender to mash the heated cup of berries rather than sieve them. Let’s just say that five of us did justice to the pie.

Celebration of Life

For the first time since early March 2020 we went to church today. We went to Prairie Street Mennonite Church, Elkhart, IN, for the Celebration of Life service for longtime friend, Carrie Diener, who died a year ago at age 103. The service resounded with music, message and memories. My heart was lifted high.

Carrie’s obituary noted that “She readily welcomed, accepted, appreciated, prayed for, and assisted others.” Many noted how she was a woman ahead of her time, a lifelong learner, guided by the words of Scripture, “This is the day that the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24),

Carrie’s extended family lit candles to symbolize that they were carrying on the light, love and witness she exuded and left as a legacy.
Thank you, Carrie, for a life lived in fullness as a spouse, parent, grandparent, great-grandparent, friend, teacher, and woman of blessing to many.

A day and night at the lake, Tuesday, June 22

I love clouds; even sometimes get caught up in them.
Taco Tuesday at the Twin Six restaurant in Wolcottville proved satisfying, incredibly inexpensive, and came with a most friendly server. Three tacos at one dollar each, along with a summer shanty, made a memorable meal.
Early evening moon over Oliver Lake.
The green, and red lights are from a boat. Beautiful evening.

On the road in LaGrange County

This county road has been repaved in the narrow sections where horseshoes created furrows and potholes.

RV industry booming in Elkhart and surrounding counties

Construction booms, too.

What I’m reading

I’ll aim to comment on this book in a future blog. It concerns the creation and management of the US government’s Federal Writers’ Project during the 1930’s Depression. It’s an intriguing story so far.

Sights on foot around Goshen

Goshen College lies along our two-mile route to the Goshen Public Library.
Alleys reveal thought-provoking scenes.
We walked through downtown Goshen on our way home from the nearby Saturday Farmers’ Market.
Infrastructure. I’m so glad to see replacement work in progress.

Greencroft Goshen

A Sycamore tree stands at the center of Sycamore Court, one of the south, independent-living courts.

Carry on. We’ll get there.


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