Shared Views #1

Post 1/2021 Saturday 2 January . . . I’m testing Shared Views as a new title for posts of It’s About Now. Not much should change from Stay-Go-Be-Do; it’s just that a new year opens the door for something fresh. Today I’ll be brief. We’re putting away Christmas decorations. The tree is ready to take to the shredder. Teatime soon.

In recent days we’ve appreciated so much an “exchange of views” with family, friends, and wider publics via Zoom, social media, text, telephone, and United States Postal Service. Oh, yes, and blog.

Hope you enjoy this quote from Robert Frost: “The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.” Whether or not you work from home, whether or not you work, Happy (Safe) New Year!

Views from our backyard today

We’re off, not running, but feeling cozy and contained. Best!


3 thoughts on “Shared Views #1

  1. Hello John!

    A new year, a new title! We are in Macon, Georgia visiting our grandchildren and will make the final leg of our journey to Ellenton today. My knee is going along for the ride with a little discomfort but Tylenol helps! Walks in our Senior Park and swimming laps will help even more. Stay cozy and enjoy the teatimes!


    May the God of Wonder be with you, delighting you with the beauty of sunrise and the majesty of sunset, with the song of the bird and the fragrance of the flower.



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