Thanks, and ever thanks

Featured image: Sandhill Cranes gleaning in a cornfield in LaGrange County on Friday.

Cogitation 36 Saturday 17 November 2018   I give thanks for a bit of snow on the deck, a gray sky, a bold-brew cup of coffee, sturdy walking boots, tomorrow when Marty is worship leader, anticipation of the Bender family gathering coming up, and more and ever more.

I’ll be brief, in words at least. Before the photos of the week I’ve a quote from A Little Book of Celtic Prayer, by  Anthony Duncan (Marshall Pickering, London, 1996).

Duncan quotes Pennar Davies, translated from Welsh, “I had the opportunity today to look at a vast view. Apart from the sea and the clouds and the sky there was none of nature’s beauty in it; a large town with its industries and houses, and beyond it, the greyish sea, mist, cloud and the tender immensity of the sky; little men and their limited, raw busyness, and around them the stupefying abundance of the whole world; chattering, grunting, smiling sardonically and mouthing and around everything all the excellence of the limitless mercy.

“And I felt that we were not worthy of the Christ who is in the creation. Every movement, every breathing, every crystallizing, every response to sun and shadow–is not the same power here as in the Resurrection?”

I rise to a new day, grateful for rest, renewal , a vast view, mercy, and the Resurrection.

Grateful for coziness on a November morning


An abundance of nature all around

All photos in this set, except the first, are from a walk on Monday in Oxbow County Park.


Scenes next door in LaGrange County


Touches of nostalgia

A placemat at Country Coral Restaurant in Shipshewana, where we had lunch with Marty’s sister, Doris. Marty’s mom and dad had such a truck, though in a lighter shade of green.  And maybe a bit bigger, according to Doris.
Model A Ford photo from a magazine. I can picture my dad with his foot on the running board of his similar Model A.


All’s well

No complaints at the moment.

Happy Thanksgiving.




4 thoughts on “Thanks, and ever thanks

  1. John, You’ve immortalized the hidden and not-so-hidden beauty of Elkhart County and beyond. I hope your photographs will someday be collected into a book.


    1. Wow, a book with few words. Never thought of it, but one never knows. I catch some of the shots at 50 mph, Marty driving, and quickly aim my point and shoot camera with the window open or closed, Thanks for the good words.


  2. I just got in from a walk with Milou and now I’m glad to be sitting with a blanket on my knees. Yes grey sky, crunchy snow and ice on the path, a blue heron in a tree by waters edge. Now Milou resting beside me while our noses are still cold, and thankful for nature, now warmth and looking forward to our gathering on the coming week end.


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