Serious about clearing out stuff

Cogitation 26 Friday 29 June 2018   I’ve been sorting through stuff this week and refinished the deck, all the while keeping up regular rambles.

It’s serious sorting time, purging, pruning, giving the old heave-ho to accumulated things, It’s spring cleaning with the other three seasons rolled in.  Of course, such is an ongoing process, not to be done in one fell swoop, though this moments burst of energy has shades of the latter.

One of my sisters-in-law said she is doing the same thing, only some of the things she sets aside to give away she’ll give back to herself. So do I.  Still, I have tasted the fine flavors of being free of stuff.

Which leaves me scant time to ponder, or at least comment, on all that’s wrong and right with the world. That’s why photos are charged to carry the day this week. Shots are from our daily walks around town.


A heavy-equipment operator this morning responding to my comment, “You’re at it early,” said, To beat the heat..” True. We’d sweat ourselves to shadows to be out in the extreme daytime heat forecast for the weekend..
Elkhart has just introduced bikes for hire. I’m not up on the details yet.

Caption below.

Why good riddance matters

Craig Storti, In Why Travel Matters (Nicholas Brealey Publishing, 2018), says travel opens a fissure for new thoughts. For that to happen, he writes, proves “to us beyond any doubt that we can change. And if we change we can grow.”

Storti ends the chapter 4: “And people who can grow are humanity’s best hope.”

Here’s my hope that as I change, however slightly in off-loading stuff no longer needed or useful, I will grow in mind and spirit.


One thought on “Serious about clearing out stuff

  1. Hello John,

    Sounds like a good week of material purging, something all of us need to do. Tomorrow we drive to Toledo to attend a 6 day Quaker conference with my 99 year old mother, one of my sons and one of my sisters. We are looking forward to the family time but not the heat! Stay cool.

    Monty & Ginger



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