Too much, too little, just enough

Featured image: Snuggles welcomes us home to her home on the farm.

Cogitation 21 Saturday May 27, 2018   Too much rain. Too little something else. Just enough wet and warm weather for a bountiful asparagus season.

Laud to the iris, the spirea, and allium. There’s an abundance of beauty rising from the ground. And, as you’ll see in photos, new infrastructure and buildings in the works around town.

But today I’m in a place where I don’t have a cable to download photos from the latter part of the week. Maybe less is more. Or, just enough.


Anybody have a boat? Or boots? A week ago we turned around at this point where the Elkhart and St Joseph Rivers meet; on Tuesday we squished through on the grass.
Our city’s aquatic center anchors a major urban development project.
East Jackson Street, looking west from the Jackson Street Bridge, is getting a major makeover.


A scene in the wild


‘Till next time.


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