Gratitude for bees and birds and a fairy garden

Close-Up Saturday 2 September 2017   I’m grateful for what’s been around me this week: summer blooms, friends, faith community, books, walking paths, day trips, Epic Art Adventures, wildlife, blueberry muffins, sunshine, heartening stories of government, private agencies and individual’s rescue efforts in response to Hurricane Harvey. Thoughts and prayers for all, and gratitude.

On Monday, we spotted this bald eagle at Olin Lake, connected to Oliver Lake

Bald eagle near its nest on Olin Lake in neighboring LaGrange County.
We heard peeping from the nest, but saw nothing.
Sculpture “Freedom” in Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart.

A walk (and sit) through the Wellfield Botanic Gardens

More Wellfield Gardens 

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Epic Art Adventures

The Epic Art Adventures include 56 sculptures of Seward Johnson scattered throughout Elkhart County. The temporary art display (until October 20) is part of celebrating 10 years of Quilt Gardens and Quilt Murals in Elkhart County (many of the sculptures are located near a quilt garden).

The fairy garden tree in OxBow Park  

A tree along a path in Oxbow Park.
Door to a cavity in a tree on a path in Oxbow Park.
Marty, me, Monty and Ginger surround a door in a tree on a path in Oxbow Park. Maybe, next time,  the Park Fairy will have furnishings in the Fairy Garden behind a door in a tree beside a path in Oxbow Park.

More pix

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I’ll not say how many of Marty’s blueberry/banana muffins I ate, but there’s one left.

Taste the essence of life, relax on the accessories

Plato said, “Old age has a great sense of calm and freedom when the passions have relaxed their hold and have escaped not from one master but from many.”

I take that quote from Joan Chittister’s chapter, “Fulfillment,” in The Gift of Years. She wrote, “It is time to taste the essence of life rather than concern ourselves with its accessories. It has taken us a lifetime to love a sunset, to value company, to give up what has always been too much, and to learn to revel in what is enough–but it has been worth the wait.”

Chittister ends each chapter with a summary on burden and blessing. For this chapter she wrote: “A burden of these years is the awareness of all that we missed for so long while we sold our souls to the idols of the time.

“A blessing of these years is the equanimity that comes from knowing that none of the side roads of life were really wasted. Truth is, we learned something invaluable on each of them. We learned that to come to fullness of life it takes absolutely nothing at all beyond the development of the best in ourselves.”

A grateful thought

G.E. Lessing (1729-1781) wrote this fitting word: “One single grateful thought raised to heaven is the most perfect prayer. (Ein einziger dankbarer Gedanke gen Himmel ist das vollkommenste Gebet).”

Thanks to Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, for in one sentence collecting my many strands of thoughts into one grateful thought.

Happythought. Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude for bees and birds and a fairy garden

  1. Hello John & Marty,

    Thanks so much for your hospitality and the fun weekend! We enjoyed reliving our time with you through this post. The picture of the 4 of us around the Fairy Door turned out really well! We all enjoyed those blueberry muffins and I remember there was some batter left so maybe you have been able to let the oven perform its magic on that as well.

    We had a good visit with our friends in North Manchester at their Timbercrest retirement community. She sent us home with some Swiss Chard and Kale from their garden and we also purchased some sweet corn at the local Farmer’s Market. All of this made for a healthy and delicious dinner last night along with some BBQ chicken.

    Today we have Church and will go out afterwards for brunch with church friends, a regular occurrence. This coming week we will be preparing for our trip to Iowa to visit my son, James, in Decorah and then on to the Twin Cities to see several friends over a week’s time. We will be gone for twelve days by the time we return home.

    We wish you a good winter in Cornwall and many pleasant hikes while you are there. We will leave for Florida after Christmas and most likely visit Ginger’s daughter and our grandchildren in Virginia on the way down.

    I like the quotes you used from Joan Chittister and will see if we can get The Gift of Years for our edification.

    With affection! Monty & Ginger



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