A sense of (gradual) accomplishment

MEANDER #5 Saturday 10 June 2017 June, the sixth month, is named from the Roman Junius. In old Saxon it was called Seremonath (dry-month) and Lida aerra (joy time). How about that.

Did you know that the names of months derive from the Romans and the days of the week are of Anglo-Saxon origin? I hadn’t thought much about that either.

The seven days of my week could be named variously as “tick the box,” “dry days,” “joy time,” “nap time,” “gradual ascent to Sunday,” “a sense of accomplishment,” “been there, done. . . .” It has been a good week, I’m reminded as I meander back through it, words supplemented by photos.

Meanderings this week

Weeding. Lots of weeding done in the flowerbeds. Weeded, mulched, stood back, stretched, and admired the result. Took the work in stride and did not spend more than three hours at a go.

I know that the late John Coffman, Mennonite worker in London, England, maintained that there is no such thing as a bad weed. It is just a plant in the place where one doesn’t want it, he said.

Planting. Planted begonias, impatiens, dahlia, marigolds, and geraniums. Also an English lavender. The day lilies just started blooming. Wonderful.

Walking. Covered some of the usual territory: downtown to the Post Office and library, Riverwalk, Wellfield Botanic Gardens, Hayden Park neighborhood on the west side of town, and the East Bank River Walk in South Bend this morning.

From downtown South Bend we walked as far as the South Bend Farmers’ Market and back for brunch at Le Peep’s with Shari and Chuck Wagner.

Indiana Poet Laureate. Niece Shari  Wagner is leading a poetry writing seminar this afternoon for people of all ages at the Mishawaka Public Library. Shari is in her second (very busy) year as Indiana poet laureate. Chuck teaches creative writing and English literature at Brebeuf Jesuit Prep School in Indianapolis.

Photography. I carry a pocket camera most of the time and share some of the photos here.

Goodbye. Our neighbor Pam has sold her house and is moving out of town. Reminds one that change is inevitable, even if bittersweet.

Visits. Audrey Metz and Ken Seitz from Harrisonburg spent some time with us on their return from California to their home in Harrisonburg, Virginia. We also had had lunch with Shirley and John Powell from Ypsilanti, Michigan. Always a delight to chew over current and past experiences, thoughts, plans and doings.

Did you know that Virginia was the first securely established English colony in North America? It was founded at Jamestown in 1607. “In the early days of settlement, the name Virginia was applied to the whole coast between FLORIDA  and NOVA SCOTIA,” notes The Wordsworth Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.

Fundraiser. Zachariah Hunt, one of the youth from church, will be participating in a Youth Venture trip to Benin, sponsored by Mennonite Mission Network. We were pleased to be able to share in a fundraiser meal at church to help cover his expenses for the trip. Steve Wiebe-Johnson and a band of volunteers prepared ground nut stew, rice, fruit and fresh ginger beverage. The meal raised the lion’s share of the cost for Zachariah’s trip. PTL!

Essay. Finally, I’m getting a heads up motivation to take next steps in writing an essay on research I’ve done over the last number of years concerning changes in publishing in the Mennonite Church. More later.

So, gradual fits the pace through the past seven days. Looking for rain as I water the new plantings.

Photo gallery

Dill grows among the geraniums in the deck box, chives in the box below.
Weeding, mulching, watering all done. Years ago I installed the walkway with concrete pieces from our driveway. We planted the Alberta Spruce in memory of my dad, Lloyd, bought with a gift of money from a friend. I call the walkway, “Lloyd’s Walk,” in honor of dad’s penchant for recycling materials.
Bloom on!

South Bend on Saturday morning

Marty takes a picture of Shari and Chuck Wagner during a stroll after brunch.

What’s next? A nap? Watering the flowers. Having something to drink myself. Being gradual. Best!



One thought on “A sense of (gradual) accomplishment

  1. Thanks for your Meander yesterday, John. I really liked the guitar player statue in South Bend. Also, the explanation of how that city got its name! We will look forward to seeing Lloyd’s Walk and the Spruce planted in his honor whenever we have a chance to come visit you. How clever to grow herbs among the flowers!

    Monty & Ginger



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