Are you on holiday?

CORNWALL COGITATION #9 Saturday 1 April 2017 One question we’re frequently asked when people hear our accents: “Are you on holiday?”

The alternative would be a question whether we live here. We usually respond that we are both on holiday and “home from home” for three months.

This past week we did take a holiday break in Devon, the neighbouring county. We stayed in  Dartmouth, a historic part of the south Devon coast. Our main objective was to visit Greenway, the summer home of Agatha Christie, the late queen of mystery writers. We arrived by ferry, walked up to the house, the jewel of the estate, toured it, and wandered the lush 33-acres, “Gardened for 400 years by quirky. passionate plantsmen and women.”

I’ll share pictures in a future post–when I sort out some new download issues from camera to computer. So photos this week are from a day trip the week before to Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Feature photo: We passed the Wheel Inn in Tresillian on our trip to Heligan, remembering a few years ago testing our rain gear in a walk back to Truro after lunch. The Wheel Inn is on our list for a return walk sometime in April, showers or no showers.

It’s April Fool’s Day. BBC Breakfast just reported on a whopper from 1957. It was the warmest winter in years and the trees were in full bloom. The reporter spoke of an “exceptionally heavy  spaghetti crop.” Some viewers wrote to ask where they could get a spaghetti tree.

No fooling, we had a tasty spaghetti meal last night, along with yummy peas, and spring salad straight from Marty’s Kitchen. It was accompanied by an olive oil dip finessed by me.

I wish that much of the news originating these days in the UK and the USA and elsewhere would prove to be of the April Fool’s Day variety. Sadly, it will hang around on and after April 2. For one, we dare not lose our sense of humor nor hide our heads in the sand.

Day trip photos from Lost Gardens of Heligan

We went to Heligan on 23 March with Oates Travel. Today Oates is doing a coach tour to the Cornwall Garden Society Spring Flower Show at Boconnoc. Hope we can go another year. It is billed as “one of the largest flower shows in the southwest–exuberant displays of camellias, daffodils, rhododendrons and ornamental shrubs and trees guaranteeing a brilliantly colourful spectacle.” But, back to Heligan:



Agatha Christie gets the last word, from An Autobiography, 1977: “Though rain pours down, there is always eating.”




4 thoughts on “Are you on holiday?

  1. What beauty there is in the world. The gardens and flowers are spectacular. I love taking the trip with you seeing the pictures on my IPad. I can’t wait for the forthcoming pictures. The birds are chirping here and the crocuses are just peeping out now.


  2. Thanks, John. It must have been interesting to tour Agatha Christie’s summer home. Happy April Fool’s Day! We wish the news would say Hillary is the real winner and our President!


    My iPad says that a smile always increases your Face Value!



  3. It’s such fun to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan in springtime bloom. We saw them in high summer, and the look is quite different. Here we have daffodils, hyacinths, camellias, forsythia, and heather in full color — just saw the first Scotch broom in blossom the other day (it’s invasive, so I’m not thrilled to see it). Enjoy your remaining weeks!


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