Glimpses of Spring

Cornwall Cogitation #2 Sunday 12 February 2017 Lunch today at Sands Restaurant, Carbis Bay Hotel. Fine as ever.

Walked six miles today. Did 27.5 miles last week. Here, walking means going up and down hills. The walk from the CB Hotel, at sea level, back to our flat, made me puff. Not huff and puff, just puff, as in deep breathing. That’s so invigorating in fresh sea air. Maybe there’s a song in “puff but don’t huff as you go walking round about coastal Cornwall.”

The Sunday service at St Anta & All Saints included a baptism for two children. The message, songs and prayers recalled for us that the word from the New Testament is that we can be made into a new creation of Christ and lay claim to a new passport into the Kingdom of God.

Signs of spring even in the current cold

Spring shows its beauty even in the raw, gray, windy week of winter here in Carbis Bay, Cornwall. That’s not to say raw, gray and  windy doesn’t have it’s own beauty. We’re just glad for fleece, hats and gloves. It’s unseasonably cold. Nothing to sneeze at, we just bundle up for our varied walks. Glad to be here. Real glad.

Daffodils greet us almost everywhere. They are being harvested right now as are fields of cauliflower.

Getting here from across the pond went smoothly, or, tongue-in-cheek, swimmingly. Interestingly, our plane had only 71 passengers and 10 flight crew.  Could one explanation for the low number be that people are reluctant to leave the U.S. at the moment? Don’t know. Can’t judge from the one part of the elephant I could touch.

Pictures since our arrival on Thursday

From the train I took a picture of The Chalk Horse at Westbury, one of many such ancient mysteries throughout England.
From the train I took a picture of this Chalk Horse at Westbury, one of many such mysteries throughout England.

Phyllis Stutzman, cousin, is spending two weeks with us. Friday was shopping day for groceries and supplies at Tesco Supermarket, a mile from our flat. Saturday we walked the two miles to St Ives.  Nice walks. Good orientation and reorientation to the area.

More pictures

Cherry blossoms? Saw them Saturday on the South West Coastal Path as we walked into St Ives.
Cherry blossoms? Saw them Saturday on the South West Coastal Path as we walked into St Ives.

Warmest greetings from walkable Cornwall!


2 thoughts on “Glimpses of Spring

  1. It feels like another visit to your area through your words and pictures. So nice to see the flowers blooming as we received over 10 centimetres of snow today.


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