Onekama, Michigan

The sun set unobserved over Lake Michigan. We glimpsed the red ball of fire through the trees just 15 minutes earlier. Still a magical moment seeing night set in.
The sun set unobserved over Lake Michigan. We glimpsed the red ball of fire through the trees just 15 minutes earlier. Still it was a magical moment, seeing night set in.

1 September 2015–Onekama, Michigan. Little Eden on Portage Lake. Lake Michigan lives over the treed sand hills to the west. Morning sun tackling the dew on the picnic tables. Quiet except for a water spout spouting off in a small pond outside the lodge dining room. Staying in a cabin, Pine Circle. Spending the week here with Robert and Emily Walson.

I’m taking a break from reading my first mystery by Louise Penny. It’s A trick of the light: a Chief Inspector Camacho novel (2011). I’m about two-thirds through. Oh my, how a book reveals itself in stages, unlike a painting that you take in in shorter or longer observations. This book combines both painting and writing. It’s about artists, gallery owners, cities, a village and the people who populate those places and spaces. And of course, the constabulary set on solving the murder. Good to be taking a break.

We attended the Onekama Church of the Brethren on Sunday. Good service. Pastor Frances Townsend preached on the hard teaching of John 6:56-69. “Jesus is giving them good news. And it should be easy news on their ears. And yet, they say it is difficult. And they reject him. Yikes! He started off with a nice big crowd, then he preached it right down to a handful of people. Isn’t it supposed to work the other way around?”

Like Louise Penny’s book, I’ll leave the sermon hanging there. Will be glad to discuss it in person any time. There was a humorous moment in the announcement time when the location for baptism of a number of people was none too clear. The baptisms will take place in Portage Lake, less than a mile from the church, but the location is hard to visualize since the only landmark is a big white fence. With further clarifications of location and where to park, Pastor Frances added a word about “rural type directions” in this rural community. We missed the evening hymnsing and ice cream social.

Seeing the sun set last night was wiped out by clouds. Still, we came across an historic B&B and bird sanctuary where a colleague from Mission Board days had worked in retirement, the late John Harnish. He laid out nature trails there, too.

So much more to add, yet so much more to anticipate in today’s activities. And I haven’t even mentioned yesterday’s magical art walk through the woods. Or the food, both in and out, including cherry pie. You get the picture. We’re thriving in, for us, a new part of Michigan.

‘Till later. -John

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