Food on the table

CornwallCogitation5&6–15 March2015. Why no blog post 5 on March 8?

First, we found our computer, after being down for four days, needed a new cable. Our landlord Chris got one from Amazon. Presto, we were back in business. (I have to search for post 4 I did on March 1. I don’t see it as I write, though it may appear when I post this one. It will be sorted out)

Second reason: I was in hospital. I entered Friday night March 6 after almost a week of enduring a urinary tract infection. The short version is that three days in hospital helped sort out treatment, but not the cause. I came home Monday evening with a new antibiotic and so thankfully without the catheter the doctor at Stennack Surgery in St Ives had inserted at 9pm Friday night.

I’ll have a long narrative to share in person down the road. I’m well on the way to recovery, with a few antibiotics yet to take. The daily bandage change on my back, resulting from my first visit to hospital on February 27 to have an infected cyst removed, is a walk in the park. The nurse comes to the house on weekends and weekdays I go to the surgery (clinic) in St Ives.

What has been most significant is the support, caring and prayers people at St Anta & All Saints have offered. They took us the 45 minutes to Royal Cornwall Hospital Treliske, near Truro, brought Marty to hospital to visit, picked me up on release and have made phone calls to check on progress. Some have given us rides to the clinic. More recently I’ve been able to walk the two miles to and from the surgery, with stops for lunch, groceries, fresh sea air, and so on.

Marty has been amazing in her care, support and encouragement. Lessons of life have gone deeper, showing up in the profound sense of a loving spouse, caring community, prayer, health professionals, the body’s own role in healing. Thanks be to God!

Food is on our table. Food for mind and spirit has been generously shared. We have enjoyed some meals out. Our nourishment for body, mind and spirit wells up in a seamless feast of joy and gratitude.

I’ve a hundred things from books, papers and daily experiences to share. I’ll deal with some of that in a future blog. Bob and Emilie Walson, from Indianapolis, Indiana, arrived on Friday for a 10 day stay.  We’re having fun. They have a flat next to ours and they’ll be spending some time in a B&B in Penzance. Tonight we’re having popcorn and apples.

Blessings! -John

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