Lip-smacking foods, shared celebrations

Post 30/2022 Saturday 17 December . . . Sixteen million. That's the estimated number of baguettes produced daily in France. The French baguette has gained UNESCO heritage status. It's been added to UNESCO's "intangible cultural heritage" list. The list includes some 600 other items. A recent BBC story quotes UNESCO chief Audrey Asoulay: "The baguette … Continue reading Lip-smacking foods, shared celebrations

Fall shows up

Post 24/2022 Monday 26 September . . . Summer's gone, fall's here. Nothing's as slow as my getting up to speed. Whoosh! the weeks have gone. Weeks filled with some hurry and scurry, but pleasures galore. We spent a week in Michgian's Upper Peninsula with Marty's siblings, except for sister Doris whom we visited in … Continue reading Fall shows up

Plenty enough

Post 23/2022 Friday 19 August . . . Early this week we walked to breakfast at Lux Cafe (a bit more than three miles roundtrip). Today we walked about the same distance around several neighborhoods, ending up at Starbucks for a flat white coffee and a shared Impossible Breakfast sandwich. Beat the heat. We're eating … Continue reading Plenty enough